SYC is a Social Enterprise established to empower young people to challenge the social, economic and environmental issues affecting their lives and wellbeing, so they can build brighter futures for themselves. SYC co-creates programmes with young people and partner youth organisations that strategically address topics relevant to youth development. SYC programmes have an emphasis on Personal development and Entrepreneurship.

The projects support young people to become self aware, and to identify their personal skills and talents that they can use to further employment and entrepreneurial ventures.

SYC will broaden young people’s horizons by exposing them to new opportunities outside of their own communities.

Our Vision is to be a youth focused organisation where youth can discover their skills, talents, culture, and values through non-formal education and contribute to the building of a multicultural & sustainable future for themselves and their communities.


Online Platform

SYC provide information relevant to youth development and empowerment. Youth can access the resources contain worksheets ,templates and presentations online.

Workshops & Training

SYC run workshops and training programmes for youth across a broad spectrum of topics relevant to youth personal development and employability such as Personal development, Communication skills, Creativity skills, Leadership skills, Cultural awareness, Entrepreneurship and Business skills..

Youth Exchange

SYC Organises youth exchange with partner organisations that share common goals and values.


SYC organise and run youth retreats. These are programmes of 2 -7 days where young people are involved in an intensive programme of work. These retreats involve workshops, group work and recreational activities.


  1. To empower young people to play an active role in their future employment

  2. Young people will have the opportunity to identify their skills and talents and how they can use that to build a sustainable future for themselves. SYC will promote social inclusion of all young people with a focus on those with limited opportunities in society.

  3. To develop future leaders that will play an active role in society

  4. Support young people to identify the obstacles and barriers affecting their future. Young people will be encouraged to contribute to the shaping of policy affecting their lives and wellbeing.

  5. To Contribute to the personal, socio-educational and professional development of young people in Europe

  6. To work with partner organisations to provide a strategic connection between the youth of Europe. Youth exchanges will promote intercultural learning and tolerance among youth in Europe.




Are you a personal development trainer or a motivational speaker? We allow professional facilitators and trainers in both formal and non-formal setting to volunteer in out programmes.

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To Develop Programs

Researchers can volunteer to design tailored workshops and training programmes addressing specific social needs for specific youth groups.

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Register to Connect

If you are a youth you can register to benefit from our programmes, youth events and to connect with other youth groups

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You can also assit us realize our vision by donating to Strategic Youth Connection(SYC). All funds are used towards empowering youths.

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Partner With Us

We are open to partner with youth groups, NGOs, churches, schools and other such organizations to empower the youths either by organizing seminars and workshops or by connecting them to a trainer.

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